uWarpuWarp: Music On Hold

PIKA’s µWARP MOH provides a very convenient way for customers to play customized audio content when placing a caller on hold. The caller is simply tuned-in to an audio file or stream that is currently played by the device. In comparison to an ATA or software running on a server, installation is simplified and reliability is greatly enhanced. You can manage your playlist from a variety of DRM-free internet radios or files located on a USB flash drive.

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uWarpuWarp: Pager

PIKA µWARP Pager provides single and multi-zone paging functionality that comes standard with most on-premise PBX systems. This solution from PIKA is also compatible with the Device Manager from BroadWorks®, a web-based configuration GUI that greatly simplifies installation and deployment.

On-Premise Paging provides an effective paging function and has been identified as a “must have” feature to convert small and medium size customers from traditional PBX’s to cloud-based hosted PBX solutions.

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uWarpuWarp: VoIP Firewall

PIKA µWARP VoIP Firewall provides seemless protection to your SMB IP-PBX.




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uWarpR2: Call Recording API

PIKA’s R2 offers an extremely powerful, yet a very simple to use development SDK for voice logging with just 14 API calls to build your logging application. RESTful API enables developers to create custom logging solutions without writing even a single line of C code and no need for specific knowledge on Linux. What’s more, you can choose any language that supports REST API according to your preference.

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X1: Host Media Processing

Through this modern network API, HMP-X1 allows for the expansion of the existing telecom concepts with the addition of complete redundancy while also encouraging software development for more sophisticated distributed network architectures. The use of language and platform agnostic Protbufs and gRPC will allow the freedom to create applications in most modern programming languages

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