Ateb_transparent“We chose PIKA because they met all our requirements: we like their pricing; we like the form factor; we love their support”

Frank Casadonte | VP, Research and Development


“The documentation for PIKA Technologies’ hardware and software is outstanding – the best I’ve ever seen. Thank you for helping to make our development cycle move along at a quick pace.”

Greg Miller-Kramer | Senior Engineer

“The PIKA WARP provide increased reliability, full featured functionality for Asterisk with FreePBX pre-loaded.”

Matthias Köcke | Senior Engineer

cohere1OWL-10142011-6225“I’m really happy to have recommended the PIKA voice cards and software developer kit to a partner company. The hardware and software has been easy to program and debug, and the technical support has exceeded my expectations. It’s been a pleasure to do business with PIKA Technologies.”

Mauro Zanin | Technical Development


“PIKA Technologies is a leader in today’s PC-PBX markets. Their products have a well-deserved reputation for reliability, fault tolerance, scalability and innovation. We’re especially impressed with the overall functionality of the PIKA MonteCarlo API as well as the voice processing capabilities of the PIKA PrimeNet MM platform. These components enable us to deliver the kind of industry leading solutions increasingly required by our customers as well as highly sophisticated end users.”

John Bassett | Divisional Head of Technology


“PIKA is very attentive, they have a very sharp and technically adept team, and their business development folks understand our space.”

Tom Faherty | VP of Operations and Engineering