Pika HMP R2 Call recording SDK with SIPREC and REST API


* For a high-level overview and our explainer video, please visit our R2 overview


R2 is a new call recording SDK based on HMP technology that will allow application developers to quickly create call recording applications that work with GDPR and MiFID II privacy regulations.

Ease of implementation

R2 offers a C++ and REST API, allowing developers to code in high level languages of their choice. It is also OS agnostic. The REST API removes the need for C++ programmers spending months at a time developing call recording applications, drastically reducing time to market and cost to develop these applications.

Observance of security protocols and compliance to international privacy standards

The R2 SDK offers application developers the tools to create call recording applications that work with EU privacy regulations, MiFID II and GDPR. The toolkit includes a feature which allows the developer to mute call recording until the party has been informed (MiFID II) or consented (GDPR).

Additionally, R2 uses JWT authentication, sRTP and SIP/TLS protocols to ensure private customer data is secured and not made available to the public.

Combining these security protocols with optional SIPREC support for TDM and VoIP ensures your data can be stored offsite either in locally, in a 3rd party cloud or data centre. This is important because MiFID II requires that call recordings be stored for a period of 5 years and sets specific guidelines about where that data can be stored and who should have access to it.

Passive and active* voice recording

R2 offers options for both passive and active voice recording and supports both VoIP and TDM calls.

Technical Features

  • SIPREC client
  • SIPREC support for VoIP TDM calls
  • Active and passive logging
  • VOIP and TDM call logging
  • Early media support
  • Full meta data including disconnection cause
  • Application control on a per call basis
  • Wide range of supported codecs, including: AMR-NB/WB, Opus, G.729, G.711
  • Supported file formats include: GSM, uLaw, aLaw, Linear, Wave
  • C/C++ API
  • JWT token authentication (REST) event callback
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Live monitoring*
  • VAD, AGC
  • High Density
  • Container distribution system

* available with optional X2 SDK

For more info, we recommend clicking the links below to download a copy of the R2 datasheet and whitepaper.

VOIP Logging (Including SIPREC)



SIP Call Logging with PIKA SIPREC
The modern telephony industry continues its evolution and transition to VoIP technologies. With this conversion comes the growing demand for reliable VoIP recording solutions that are able to work in parallel with legacy systems.

What is SIPREC?
SIPREC is a standard published by IETF (www.ietf.org) for recording SIP communications. You can use this protocol for both Active and Passive recording applications.

SIPREC provides a copy of the RTP stream including the meta-data related to the call. It provides authentication and authorization functions along with encryption of the communication between the client and the server.

SIPREC diagram


As you can see from the diagram, the client side of SIPREC communication provides RTP and META data while the SIPREC server receives this information. This client-server architecture provides you a secure way to transport your information and store at a secure, centralized location.