Pika HMP R2 Call recording SDK with SIPREC and REST API


* For a high-level overview and our explainer video, please visit our R2 overview


The new release of Call logging / recording API based on HMP technology

With tens of thousands of ports deployed worldwide, PIKA’s R2 offers very mature and reliable platform for call logging / recording with just 14 API calls to build your application. REST API enables developers to create custom call logging /recording  solution without writing even a single line of C code. Call based (session) concurrent SIPREC (RFC 7245) and local recording option adds flexibility and increase robustness for critical calls. Optional access to full X2 SDK allows to construct very elaborate solutions if desired.

R2 is providing more features in the means of privacy and security such as support for sRTP, SIP/ TLS and token-based authentication based on JWT mechanism. In addition to all these features you can record operator’s prompts using Early Media Recording or access advanced audio functions like Pika’s proprietary Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

REST API for Call logging / recording

You can choose any language that supports REST API according to your preference. REST API also enables you to easily build distributed applications as the call logging functions and the application itself can run on different platforms.The programming effort is further simplified as we provide callbacks to notify you about events.

Cloud storage for SIP and/or TDM calls using SIPREC

R2 supports all flavors of active and/or passive voice logging, including TDM with analog and digital interfaces and/or VoIP. With the help of SIPREC support, call flow and metadata for recording can be sent directly to an offsite location or to the Cloud. Since Pika supports TDM, as a unique feature, we can also record calls from Analog or Digital TDM interfaces to an SIPREC server.


  • SIPREC client
  • SIPREC support for TDM calls
  • Active and Passive logging*
  • VoIP, Analog and Digital call logging
  • Early Media support
  • Full Meta Data including Disconnection Cause
  • Application control on per call basis
  • Supported codecs: AMR-NB/WB, G.729, G.711, Opus
  • Supported File Formats: GSM, uLaw, aLaw, Linear, Wave
  • C/C++ API
  • JWT token authentication (REST)
  • Event callback
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Live monitoring*
  • VAD, AGC
  • High Density
  • Container distribution system
* available with optional X2 SDK

A faster, simpler way to build call recording applications


- MiFID II and GDPR-friendly

- Offers an easy-to-use interface for hands-off storage management and optional SIPRec server

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