Digital Logging Boards 

Support for ISDN or R2 Protocols for PRI Logger Solutions 

HMP Digital Boards- PRI Logger

These digital logging boards provide the capacity to log up to two T1/E1 digital network interfaces utilizing PIKA’s host-based media processing (HMP-X) engine for PRI logger applications. Highly flexible, they are software-configurable for use in multiple countries.

PIKA Digital T1/E1 Logging Board is a high-performance board capable of passively tapping on T1 or E1 line interfaces using ISDN (CCS) or RBS/MFR2 (CAS) protocols or clear channel.  The digital logging variant is available in single and dual span configurations with half- or full-duplex recording.  The board operates with HMP-X, a flexible, customizable telecommunication software development platform which allows the creation of a wide range of logging solutions.  It includes a wide-range of feature-rich services making these boards the reliable choice for the most demanding voice logging applications.  Recording features include voice activity detection (VAD), time stamping and audio compression.

Digital board densities are available to tap one or two spans. (Two connectors are required to tap one span.)

Key Features

  • Single and dual span with half- or full-duplex recording to enable passive tapping on T1 or E1 line interfaces; features VAD, time stamping and audio compression
  • Integrated support of PIKA Technologies’ HMP based architecture to dynamically utilize resources.
  • Integrated support of low-level PIKA API delivers maximum design control and application performance

Key Benefits

  • Windows or Linux development environments
  • Host processing architecture enables you to benefit from market improvements in PCIe and processor architectures
  • Board support for 60 channels of full voice processing
  • Support for applications such as speech/voice recognition, tone detection, conferencing and live listen-in