Partners – North America


offers cloud-based unified communications solutions including voice over IP phone systems and service (VoIP PBX), hosted Microsoft communication services, fixed mobile convergence and advanced voice applications for the desktop.For more information, please visit www.altevatel.com.


Broadband Voice

is a premium marketing affiliate of Infinet Communications Group Inc., a privately held internet and telecommunications provider with over 8 years of experience. The Infinet group offers a wide array of Internet and communications services including high speed internet access, web hosting, server management and domain registration. With the launch of Broadband Voice Infinet has evolved into a full service telecommunications provider.

For more information, please visit www.broadbandvoice.com.




is a provider of hosted unified communications services. Through an extensible, highly scalable IP communications system, they offer a unified communications platform for voice, data, and mobility communications across the enterprise and multi-location businesses. Their solutions allow enterprises to increase employee productivity, accelerate business processes, and improve customer care through tight integration of dispersed communications endpoints for office, mobile, or call center employees.

For more information, please visit www.broadcore.com.



goal is to provide Professional Consulting Services and Joint Venture partnership in IT and Green Tech Projects. In doing so, services offered include: Technology Business Incubator, Project Management, Feasibility Scoping, Business Development Consulting.

For more information visit the company website at www.cintech.com

Cohere Communications

offers a variety of enterprise-focused managed telephony solutions to clients in the media, financial and professional services industries. Cohere’s main application is a business VoIP / hosted PBX solution that runs through a carrier grade Broadsoft soft switch within a high availability network core.

For more information, visit www.coherecomm.com.


has been in business for almost two decades developing and marketing enabling technologies for telecom OEMs and is well known for its market-leading fax and other licensed media-processing technologies, with over seventy-five T.38 FoIP customers. Our purpose is to help OEMs and developers, to get their products to market quicker and with less investment. Pika Technologies, Inc. has acquired fax technologies from Commetrex including the T.38 Fax Relay Software, TerminatingT38 and a host of other license media technologies. For more information about Commetrex products, visit www.commetrex.com.



a KeyOn Communications company, provides business-class voice services to thousands of customers across the United States, Europe and Asia. CommX customers range from small businesses to companies with hundreds of users. Founded in 2002, CommX is dedicated to providing its customers with unparalleled voice services to help those companies drive growth and productivity affordably.

For more information, please visit www.commxinc.com.

Computer Telephony Distributing (CTD)

is a value-added distributor of PIKA’s µFirewall.

CTD provides a wide range of telecommunication solutions while offering 30 years of Unified Communications experience. Along with their experience, the team supplies resellers with full service sales and technical support, product warehousing and fulfillment, and reseller oriented professional services.

For more information, visit www.ctdconnect.com.



Consolidated Technologies, Inc. (CTI)

is an Avaya Platinum Business Partner and the trusted Converged Voice Communications Solutions Provider in the NY Metro Area. Since 1997, CTI has been a premier provider of practical and effective communications solutions for medium to large businesses nationwide. Utilizing a single source approach, the company brings together leading communications experts, world-class products, and the creativity and expertise to design, implement, and manage powerful converged communications solutions. The company was created on the premise that the direction of superior communications was in applications like IP Telephony, Mobility, Contact Centers, Unified Communications, Communications Enabled Business Processes and Disaster Recovery. Today, CTI provides an array of the highest quality solutions; offering traditional premise-based and Hosted solutions, as well as carrier services and management.  Click here for more information.

Consolidated Technologies Case Study



Creative Switching Designs, Inc. (CSD)

has been involved with the sales, support and service of products, which deal with the communications challenges of Public Safety and Commercial Contact Centers.

Robust logging systems are vital to many vertical markets where security and reliability are paramount. That is why CSD has selected PIKA Daytona MM audio logging boards, to enable the key recording features for both of these new products. CSD’s recording products are cost effective, easy to use security applications. Alliance Express delivers 8 to 20 audio channels with 4 simultaneous recording playbacks. Alliance Enterprise delivers 8 to 72 channels with up to 24 simultaneous playbacks.

With years of experience in this industry, CSD has learned to recognize and anticipate future market trends, allowing the company to provide customers with current technological solutions. Click here for more information.



Dataworxs Systems Limited

a developer of enterprise audio and text management products and systems that are affordable, feature-rich and tailored to the organization and the user. These products are designed for small to large organizations, easy to implement, simple to operate, easy to support, and enable voice, document and data transmissions to be delivered over a wide area network, local area network or the Internet. Dataworxs facilitates better management of audio and document workflow as well as increasing the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of reporting within organizations.

For more information please refer to the company website at www.dataworxs.com

Founded in 1984, Digital Solutions, Inc. (DSI)

is a worldwide criminal justice and public safety automation industry leader. Their software services and solutions are tailored to meet their customer’s unique needs. DSI reaches facilities and agencies of every size across the world. In 1993, DSI started an inmate phone service division, Inmate Telephone Inc. (ITI). As a complete software suite, DSI and ITI products provide complete, automated solutions for the entire corrections industry. Inmate phone systems including PBX functionality are embedded with PIKA’s media processing boards and software.  Click here for more information.

Electronic Voice Services, Inc.

(EVS) has been in business since January 1993, and is headquartered in Addison, Texas (a suburb of Dallas), with several other locations around the country. EVS develops computer telephony software and markets their products worldwide. Their mission is to deliver user-friendly software and high quality hardware at reasonable prices, and to provide friendly and competent customer support.

Their newest product is called Piranha Predictive Dialer. Using PIKA hardware, this full featured, sophisticated product is scalable from 1 to 48 agents, with 1 to 240 analog or digital telephone lines. To see a short movie about this product or to see a brochure with pricing, click here.

EVS Case Study

Electronique Giant

develops and manufactures technologies used mainly in the health and safety industry. Electronique Giant provides their customers with a flexible and cost-effective way to offer emergency notification solutions that are used in residential care facilities.

For more information visit the company website at www.eg-alert.com.

Headquartered in Moorestown, NJ, EMS Formation

collaborates with industry leaders to develop custom products in markets such as air traffic control, data communications and telecommunications. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, EMS Formation enables their clients to seize new opportunities and gain the competitive advantage with a faster time-to-market. Some of their customers include Rockwell Collins, IBM, and Motorola. For further information please check out: www.formation.com

eOn Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: EONC)

is a global provider of innovative communications solutions. Backed with over 20 years of telecommunications engineering expertise, their solutions enable their customers to easily leverage advanced technologies in order to communicate more effectively. Their offerings are built on reliable open architectures that enable easy adoption of emerging technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and concepts, such as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Whether you are looking to leverage the advantages of enterprise IP telephony or advanced contact center technologies, eOn Communications delivers proven, IP-ready products that will improve your business performance.

For more information on eOn, please visit www.eoncc.com.


is an open source telephony platform designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat driven products scaling from a soft-phone up to a soft-switch. It can be used as a simple switching engine, a PBX, a media gateway or a media server to host IVR applications using simple scripts or XML to control the callflow.

For more information, please refer to the corporate website at www.freeswitch.org

In the late 1980’s Global Tel*Link,

a Mobile, Alabama-based firm, entered the telecommunications market with the introduction of an advanced “smart” store and forward public payphone system. The success of this public payphone system led GTL to the provision of exceptional telecommunications service for correctional facilities. Continuing the tradition of progressive technology and professional service, Global Tel*Link has expanded to include facilities in more than half of the United States. PIKA powers GTL’s phone systems for correctional institutions, including PBX features, recording and billing.  Click here for more information.

ICG of Newport News, VA,

is a world leader in the development of Communications Integration products. ICG’s devices provide integration and automation features that replicate the operation of modern telephone companies’ central office facilities in a remote or mobile communications application, thereby permitting implementation of familiar telephone operations. For ICG’s MX-2000 and Aerocom 3000 selected PIKA Daytona MM PCI analog-interface cards for the versatile voice services they enable. ICG serves world-recognized aerospace leaders like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and premier cruise lines such as Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruise and Holland America lines.  Click here for more information.

Inmate Calling Solutions

is approaching its eighth year of providing inmate telephone service and related technology to correctional facilities throughout the United States. Inmate Calling Solutions’ mission is to focus advanced technology and proven resources into transforming the inmate calling arena. Their dedication to ongoing technology advances, market-specific solutions, and unsurpassed customer service has earned them the reputation of an emerging industry leader.

For more information visit the company website at www.icsolutions.com

Inphonite (formerly JulySoft)

has combined the finest in computer and telephone technologies to deliver unsurpassed messaging solutions to small, medium and large businesses. InphoniteVoiceTM, the latest in their line of software, combines inbound and outbound voice, email, text and Twitter messaging in one product. Used for emergency notifications, appointment reminders, recalls, marketing, birthday greetings and a multitude of other reasons, InphoniteVoice is a leader in automated calling for any business.

For more information, please visit www.inphonite.com.

IPcom Technologies

has been offering innovative value added service applications for the telecommunications market for more than 10 years. IPcom’s main focus is to create and implement advanced technological aids for existing and emerging telecom services. Ipcom’s product portfolio includes popular applications such as Real Time Billing for voice/data/messaging, SMS, MMS, VMS, messaging intelligence, and RingBackTones. IPcom’s growth and constant technological improvements has placed the company among the top prepaid providers the world over, with platforms installed in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Click here for more information.

View the press release.


is a leading global communications provider, delivering innovative, cost-effective, advanced communications connectivity to businesses, governments and consumers. The company develops the converged communications products and services that are the foundation for commerce and communications in today’s market. PIKA powers 3,000 MCI operator stations across North America. MCI operators use PCs as their telephone answering stations. The PIKA InLine analog headset/handset voice card provides the audio path between the caller and the MCI operator.  Click here for more information.


is one of the largest IT outsourcing and cloud services providers, serving small and mid-size businesses for more than 10 years. With mindSHIFT, you’ll get everything you need from an IT outsourcing and cloud services provider at the right price. At mindSHIFT, they’re about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, providing personal attention and giving you answers to questions that make you more productive.

For more information, please visit www.mindshift.com.


is an expert in Cisco Unified Communications, the integration of different streams of communication into a common user interface. Netelligent understands the impact of emerging technologies on end user’s business needs. With unsurpassed IP network and telephony implementation skills, Netelligent provides leading-edge network and telephony solutions that help clients bridge the gap between infrastructure and business systems.

For more information, visit www.netelligent.com.

New Global Telecom, Inc. (NGT)

is the largest provider of wholesale hosted and trunk-based VoIP solutions in the United States. At its core, NGT is a widely-recognized, experienced provider of predictable, business-class VoIP solutions. We enable small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to access phone features and communications tools previously only available to Fortune 500 companies.

For more information, visit www.ngt.com.


is a leading provider of deaf and hard-of-hearing accessible telecommunications solutions. From on-demand remote interpreting and hosted telecommunications products, to enterprise accommodation and call center accessibility, their innovative solutions help organizations that do business with deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired individuals communicate seamlessly and with confidence.

For more information please refer to the company website at www.nextalk.com/


delivers highly affordable, Vertically Integrated Customer Interaction Management software solutions and outsourcing services for call centers and enterprises.  Click here for more information.

Predictive Concepts

is an industry leader in the advancing field of computer telephony. They provide superior products backed by an extremely competent and motivated team of professionals intent on providing their customers with systems customized to it their needs. Predictive Concepts provides a system running on either your local area network (LAN) or IP protocols, which include the Internet. This allows the most flexible and cost effective solutions for their customers. PIKA’s media processing hardware and software are used by Predictive Concepts to provide predictive outbound dialers for call centers.  Click here for more information.

Protus IP Solutions

is a high-growth application service provider offering value-added voice, email and fax messaging services to businesses around the world. Their customers are involved in every industry sector, including finance, insurance, real estate, pharmaceuticals and retail. Whether they use our services across the company or for key operational requirements, Protus customers rely on them to simplify their voice, email and fax communications. Protus helps them reach customers more effectively; process documents more efficiently, and access information with greater speed. Protus solutions are sold both directly and through a network of worldwide partners, including major service providers. Protus has implemented PIKA’s high-density digital fax and voice technology as a part of their messaging delivery platform.  Click here for more information.

Smart Solutions

has been providing technologically advanced pharmacy interactive voice response (IVR) applications since 1995. Their customers include some of the largest mail-order, hospital, chain-store and grocery store pharmacies in the United States and Canada.

For more information, visit www.smartrph.com.

Smart Solutions Case Study

Solacom Technologies Inc.

builds some of the world’s most reliable critical communications systems that integrate voice, video and data to deliver advanced IP-based interoperability solutions for public safety 9-1-1, military command, security and other mission critical applications. With a legacy of innovation in air traffic control and public safety, their engineers have pioneered many industry advances over the past 25 years.

For more information, visit www.solacom.com.


is a global integrated communications provider serving more than 26 million customers in over 100 countries. Sprint is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying state-of-the-art network technologies, including the United States’ first nationwide all-digital, fiber-optic network and an award-winning Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint supports TTY calls for customers who require access for the deaf. The leading edge text communications systems are from NXi Communications. Inside the NXi systems are PIKA PrimeNet digital cards, which deliver network connectivity. 2,000 Sprint operators are using PIKA Powered systems!  Click here for more information.

Stage 2 Networks

is a New York-based converged network services provider that offers a robust and redundant network with connectivity, quality of service and local number portability available across the country and, often, around the world, with CLEC capabilities in the New York metro market. They provide SIP trunking, Private Line services, PRI and Business T1 circuits as well as hosted PBX and business phone system solutions which do not require the capital expenditure typically associated with purchasing a new phone system. Stage 2 also provides phone line replacement at reduced cost with enhanced functionality, whether POTS or PRI services. All of Stage 2’s products are supported by robust data connectivity that can fully integrate its customers’ communication platform for both voice and data services across multiple locations. Stage 2’s productivity-enhancing features and functionality serve to differentiate its products and offer an added bonus to its customers.

For more information, please visit www.stage2networks.com.

STR-SpeechTech Ltd.

has built its reputation by designing and delivering practical, professional products for speech technology applications. STR’s greatest strength is its experience in Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. STR’s StarCaster® TTS technology has become the benchmark for quality in the industry. STR’s expertise includes the development and deployment of TTS products that meet customer demands for quality. STR continues to apply its depth of knowledge and experience to advance TTS technology into the next generation.

STR has selected telephony cards from PIKA Technologies to enable the voice and fax services required for NAV CANADA’s new Pilot Automatic Telephone Weather Answering Service (PATWAS). PATWAS, a NAV CANADA intellectual property, is an advanced communications system that provides pilots with easy access to essential weather information. NAV CANADA is currently installing systems developed by STR in its Flight Information Centres (FIC) across Canada. STR selected PIKA PrimeNet PCI T1 cards because of the innovative all-on-board telephony services that are available on a single card. PrimeNet enables both the voice and fax services.  Click here for more information.


is a leading provider of self-service and live contact center solutions spanning the entire customer service spectrum. Their comprehensive solutions are designed to empower customers to achieve the best mix of automated and live assistance service with the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and conditions. With over two decades of pioneering leadership and thousands of solutions deployed globally, Syntellect is a premier provider of enterprise-class contact center solutions for the utilities, financial services, government, high- technology, help desk, consumer products and healthcare industries.

For more information please refer to the company website at www.syntellect.com

Since its inception, Tel-e Technologies

has become a trusted name in data, voice and wireless networking products and solutions. It comes with over 22 years of experience in providing solutions to over 25,000 businesses across Canada.

Tel-e Technologies is a value-added 2-tier stocking distributor of SpectraLink Corporation and GlobeStar Systems. It offers enterprise data, voice and wireless networking equipment exclusively through a network of value added resellers across Canada.

For more information, please visit http://www.tel-e-technologies.com


is a wholesale supplier of telecommunications products as well as a variety of consumer electronics. Over the past 30 years, they have nurtured a tradition of excellent customer service and expert product knowledge while providing competitive pricing to their customers. As members of both CEA and CEDIA, they are committed to expanding and growing their product offerings to meet consumer demands.

For more information, visit www.teledynamics.com.


has been delivering proprietary VoIP telephony solutions since 2000 utilizing their own SIP stack, VoIP and switching technologies.  With hundreds of systems delivered to banks, schools, electrical Cooperatives, and CELECs, Telegato products have a track record for being leading edge, highly reliable, Telco grade and cost effective.

Telegato provides both turnkey and white labeled embedded versions to large Telco manufacturers to resell.  Their professional services offer customers, partners and resellers decades of experience in finding solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

For more information, please refer to www.telegato.com

For more information, please check the Telenium website.

is a nationwide provider of the smart voice and data solution for business. Founded in 2000, Telesphere has been providing converged voice and data services over a private IP network since 2003.

With a national footprint, Telesphere currently provides telecom services to customers spanning more than 40 states. Telesphere offers small and medium-sized businesses the extensive service and features generally available only to larger corporations—all without the cost, hassle and limitations of traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. By linking offices with a private, dedicated, pure IP connection, Telesphere is able to provide telephone and Internet service to companies through a single “hosted” solution.

For more information, please visit www.telesphere.com

TriVium Systems

is a leading provider of Business Productivity Solutions for the Converged Communications marketplace. TriVium’s Call Recording and Call Reporting solutions help organizations maximize the value of voice and data convergence. The solutions provide access and insight into business data that help manage costs, boost productivity, improve customer service and enhance security in innovative ways.

For more information, please visit http://www.triviumsystems.biz


is currently developing on the PIKA WARP Appliance.  They have offices located in Saltillo and Mexico City and distributors in Merida, Leon, Monterrey, Terreon and Zacatecas.

Please check out the TXM website at http://www.txm.com.mx


is a System Integration and VoIP service provider providing premium services for WARP’s hosted PBX and enterprise solutions. They provide premium inbound Canadian DID’s and US48 Tollfree. Their outbound termination is also premium as their network is connected directly to TDM. UniVoIP can deploy, install and configure your WARP keeping your network infrastructure in mind. Their services consist of network hardening, firewalls, routers, vlans, QOS and network assessments for VoIP.

UniVoIP has been working with Pika Technologies to provide a robust connection with extensive QOS monitoring and Packet monitoring.

For more information on UniVoIP products and services, see http://univoip.ca


IP-PBX application is based on the latest version of Asterisk software customized with special features for better stability and functionality. This IP-PBX is running on the PIKA Warp2 appliance. The unit is small enough and can sit on a small shelf or it can be wallmounted.

For more informaton about Unlimitel, check the website at www.unlimitel.ca

Vital Communications, Inc.

is a value-added distributor of PIKA’s µFirewall.

Vital Communications was founded in 1996 and has been distributing IP telecommunications and networking solutions to resellers for over 15 years. They are one of the fastest-growing Value Added Distributors of IP telephony and network products in North America. They supply thousands of telecom resellers, carriers, interconnects and integrators throughout North America and are focused on providing the best solutions, support and customer service to their resellers.

For more information, visit www.vitalcomm.net

Voice Broadcasting Corporation

is a division of Life Corporation. Voice Broadcasting offers outbound call center services for businesses and political organizations.  For further information please refer to the website at www.voicebroadcasting.com

VoIP Superstore by CI Gear

specializes in VoIP, Unified Communication and HD Telepresence products and services by providing innovative solutions that enable customers to save time and money. They also offer educated technical guidance, solution design and support services to their customers.

VoIP Superstore by CI Gear is currently offering the PIKA WARP Telephony Appliance to it’s customers.

For more information visit the company website at www.voipsuperstore.com.

VoIPnet Technologies

provides Hosted IP-PBX solutions as well as IP Centrex, Local and Long Distance services. There are certain applications that do not fit nicely into a Hosted IP PBX / IP Centrex system. To address these scenarios, VoIPnet has developed the VoIPnetFS on-premise application server based on the PIKA WARP appliance. VoIPnetFS is an on-premise application server that complements an off-site soft switch for non-critical roles such as hands free intercom, overhead paging and conference bridge.   More details can be found on the VOIPnet website.

Since 1993, XMission

has provided high-quality Internet connections, web and email hosting, digital phone and colocation to residents and businesses. XMission delivers unmatched service backed by a robust network and 24/7 personal technical support. As a local, independent ISP, XMission also proudly supports community activities and nonprofit organizations across Utah.


Internet connections, web hosting, email hosting, zimbra, colocation, advanced networking, digital phone

For more information, visit www.xmission.com


has been deploying advanced digital phones systems and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses since 2003. Their team is a mix of experienced telecommunications professionals, IT veterans and innovators who are passionate about delivering better value, technology, and service to their customers.

For more information, please visit www.ziptel.ca.

Partners – EMEA




is a Danish-based company that develops IT-solutions for medical and dental clinics. For more than 20 years, A-Data has been developing software for the Danish healthcare sector and supplying doctors and dentists with the hardware they need to run their clinics. A-Data are known for their high quality software-solutions and for having the best support in all of Denmark.

For more information, please visit www.a-data.dk.





A-Enterprise has been in the computer telephony integration business for over 10 years. If you have a requirement on the basis of VoIP and want it fulfilled by a professional company, they are your perfect partner. They also offer products for the integration of your IP telecommunication.

For information please visit their websites at www.a-enterprise.ch and www.ipline.ch




Ainsi Soit

Based in France, Ainsi Soit Tel specializes in Advertising Audience Management, Overflow Call (DBA), Voice Servers and Call Recording Solutions.

Ainsi Soit Tel uses PIKA’s Primenet boards for voice service solutions.

For more information visit the company website at www.vocal.fr/



Artix Line

Artix Line is a fast growing Russian company specializing in computer and information services and products. Founded in 1994, the company has experienced significant growth in providing hardware and software value-added computer services. Nowadays Artix Line is one of the leading system integrators and developers of voice and fax processing technology in Canada.

Click here for more information.




is a complete telephone system for small and medium sized companies. It is incredibly easy to use, runs on a multitude of hardware offerings and speaks ISDN, Analog, GSM and VoIP. AskoziaPBX runs on any normal PC and on a wide selection of embedded telephone systems. Download and install it yourself and build your own solutions.




AudioText Telecom AG

AudioText Telecom AG (ATT) was founded 1995 in Switzerland and developed since that time customized solutions within the ranges of alerting and communication. The Alarm Management server (AMX) centralises the processing of all events seized by external sources (building/process control, fire alarm, network management, nurse call, etc.) and notifies the alarm organisation based on the respective scenario through different communication media by SMS, telephone call (VOIP), email, SNMP traps, Paging or text messages on cordless handsets (DECT, WLAN).



B C H Digital

B C H Digital is a systems integrator specializing in the development and deployment of advanced, intelligent computer telephony systems and services. They have built a strong reputation for reliable and cost effective solutions, with an established customer base including Service Providers, Government Offices, Local Authorities, research establishments, media and recreation.



Bar-Net Software

Founded in 1996, Bar-Net Software is an Israeli based company specializing in the development, supply & installation of Telephony systems and solutions. Their services are primarily based on MultiCall, a Computer Telephony solution platform which combines the power of Telecommunications with corporate database systems.


British Telecommunications plc (BT)

British Telecommunications plc (BT) is one of the world’s leading providers of telecommunications services and one of the largest private sector companies in Europe. In the UK, BT serves 29 million exchange lines and more than eleven million mobile customers, as well as providing network services to other licensed operators.



C3 Ltd.

C3 develops multimedia technology platforms and their associated applications.

C3’s products are designed to meet the mass calling requirements of today’s large corporates, SME’s, service providers, fixed line and mobile network operators, aggregators and the public sector.
Their products enable businesses to automate their call handling processes, to generate new revenue streams, improve call handling efficiency and lower costs.  Click here for more information.




CBC Development

CBC Development designs and delivers software and services to complement CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. The company specializes in Computer Telephony integration for Call Centre solutions and in the optimization and maintenance of data.

CBC Development uses PIKA’s Primnet boards for voice service solutions.

For more information visit the company website at www.cbcdeveloppement.fr




CBizz is a B2B internet service provider. The company offers high end, reliable internet connectivity via fiber, micro wave radio, DSL or cable. Also domain registration. CBizz offers reliable services, has its own helpdesk staffed by its own people, using its own network. The company is privately owned after a management buy-out; until early 2009 it was part of CAIW.

For more information, please visit www.cbizz.nl.


The Coltel Group is a leading provider of communication, information technology and safety testing services to the business market in Scotland. The Group comprises a number of companies, each providing a dedicated service but capable of facilitating and managing the range of services offered by the group on behalf of customers.




CTI-PRO founded in 1998, is an independent distributor of  telecommunication hardware and software development in central and eastern European markets. CTI-Pro’s long term goal is to keep pace with western Europe, USA and Canada when it comes to introducing new computer telephony technologies.  CTI-PRO has locations in Czech Republic, Poland and is also represented in Romania and Macedonia.



Cube Software P. Ltd.

Cube Software Private Limited was established in 1991 with expertise in CTI and other software development streams, hardware design & development, and telecommunications. In 16 years, CSPL has become the largest player in the Call Accounting Solution market with its product Cube TBS; it is one of the leading suppliers of Voice Mail Systems, with its product Cube Voice; and it is the first to offer a comprehensive multi-lingual, natural Speech-Recognition technology integrated with its Voice Mail and IVR products.





Founded in 2001, CWNET started as Internet Service Provider. Nowadays it is also a telephone company delivering double-play services for the whole Italy marketplace, broadband access and VoIP telecommunications.

Its most important brand is Cheapnet.it ® that offers a complete product line for Internet Access (ADSL, dial-up analog and ISDN), Web Hosting, Domain Names, Fax, Sms, PEC and many other typical ISP services.

For more information, please visit the company website at http://www.cwnet.it





CyberTech International is a recognized innovator of voice recording and monitoring applications that drive efficiencies in the capture, storage, retrieval and playback of voice, radio and data communications. CyberTech is among the fastest growing data communications providers and has global operations and offices throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas

For more information visit the company website at www.cybertech-int.com



Deepija Telenetworks

Deepija Telenetworks is a consulting engineering firm specializing in the field of CTI. The company provides a broad range of CTI services like IVR systems, automated attendant, voice mail, unified messaging, and more.

Deepija Telenetworks selected voice boards from PIKA Technologies to design their voice logger system, VNode. VNode helps businesses keep track of all desired incoming and outgoing calls. VNode delivers control, high performance and easy integration with any PBX.




Defne Communications

Defne Communications is the leading provider of computer telephony solutions in Turkey. Founded in 1996, Defne provides turnkey communications solutions with its Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP based platform, supporting a vast number of telephony standards. Solutions created on this platform include: call centres, PBXs, unified messaging and notification systems, IVRs, and voice portals.




The current pillars of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure is based on first generation of new technologies, which is more than 10 years old now. New, efficient and better technologies had arrived in the market for some time now. Unfortunately, not many vendors are able to cope up with the new technological advancements and help the enterprises with new offerings.





Eurolux is a value-added distributor of the PIKA WARP Appliance for Asterisk / FreePBX in Russia and is among the largest complete system integrators in the region. Having developed their VoIP telecommunication solutions on the WARP platform using Asterisk® / FreePBX®, they are able to provide their partners complete service, from analyzing the current communication solution, designing the optimal solution, integration of the chosen solution and also supporting the partner after the implementation.




Euronet Hungary Inc. is one of the leaders of the Hungarian call center / contact center and system integration market.

Founded in 1994, Euronet’s main field of action was primarily cabling and network design. Nine years down the road, they address almost all sectors of the market: telephone and Internet service providers, banks, governmental organizations, large and medium sized enterprises.
Euronet can be distinguished on the Hungarian telecom market from its competitors by its experienced technical staff, long-standing relationship with leading telecom manufacturers and its commitment to excellence.




Eurovoice Objects

Eurovoice Limited is a leading supplier of CT software and solutions. It was established in 1993, is privately funded and has been profitable since 1994. The company markets its products worldwide.

eurovoice objects is a cost-effective, run-time royalty free, COM-based toolkit for developing CT applications. The toolkit provides basic and advanced functionality to deploy CT applications. eurovoice’s development toolkit supports PIKA with a broad range of PIKA boards.  Click here for more information.





Genzee Ltd is a London based IT & Telecom consultancy specializing in business telephony solutions, Linux-based IT systems and web solutions.

Some of the technologies they work with include:

  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Traditional lines (Analogue and ISDN)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

For more information please visit www.genzee.co.uk




Globitel is a prime manufacturer of call centers and audio logging applications in the Middle East. The list of Globitel customers is a “who is who” of high profile customers in the financial, hospitality and telecoms sectors, like Ericsson, Grand Hyatt Hotels, Visa, and the leading GSM service providers in Jordan and Egypt, FastLink and Mobinil.



HITT Traffic

HITT’s vision is based on the premise that safety, security and efficient capacity utilization are the drivers for the requirements in the marine and aviation industry market for software dominant systems solutions. Accurate, real time surveillance, survey and navigation information is essential in assisting authorities to meet new challenges. HITT serves this growing demand through the provision of innovative software solutions, systems integration and information.




InVADE International is a rapidly growing UK company, which has brought a radical approach to computer telephony. Their product, InVADE™, is a hardware-independent, intelligent, software switch that runs on Microsoft Windows NT (2000) Server. The switch seamlessly integrates voice and data, making computer-telephony integration obsolete.




Junction Telecoms

Junction Telecoms, the Australian exclusive distributor for Pika WARP are proud to announce the successful deployment of FreePBX running on Debian Linux 4.0 on the WARP appliance for Asterisk.
This is an exciting development for the FreePBX, WARP and Asterisk community not only for customers in Australia, but  for customers worldwide.



Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie has known a great expansion over the years, having grown into one of the largest integrated logistics services provider in the world, servicing many different markets, each with its own specific needs. They can provide the necessary logistics services for the following industries: consumer goods & retail, industry & automotive, liquids, petrochemicals, process & projects engineering, port operations, specialty chemicals, and last but not least, general cargo & commodities.




Klarya Inc

Klarya provides state-of-the-art appliance based solutions for Unified Communications over IP specifically tailored for SMB and Enterprises which would improve communications reducing costs. Today Klarya operations cover all the Italian territory through a network of selected and certified partners which are continuously supported by Klarya team in projecting and providing specific customer oriented solutions.

For more information on Klarya, please check their website at http://www.klarya.it




Lindenbaum GmbH is an independent software and consulting house in Karlsruhe, Germany. Prior to its change of legal status in March 2009, it was the Communications business segment of disy Informationssysteme GmbH. Its products and solutions are based on innovative ideas and state-of-the-art technology. Customers are enthusiastic about Lindenbaum’s products as well as its after-sales support which seeks to further develop its products for the technical benefit of its customers. The company, founded in 1997, currently employs 40 people.




With over 30 years experience in cutting-edge R&D, Loquendo is a global leader in speech technology providing all the …




Main Telecom

Main Telecom (Misr Advanced Telecommunication & Information Networks) provides telecommunication and IT consulting and support to businesses in a variety of sectors. Their team consists of technical experts, software developers and business consultants able to tackle the most challenging issues faced by businesses in an era shaped by technology. The company has grown from its core business of telecom management and IT consultancy, to offer solutions in areas ranging from customized application development–with complete back-end database enhancement and integration– to e- commerce and CRM solutions.





MEMOBOX was created in 1994 to provide solutions for securing data exchanges telecommunications industry. Since that time, they have developed market-leading products and diversified their product offering as well as their distribution channels to include system integrators, service providers, SMEs/TPE and large public organizations or groups. They have more than 10 000 clients internationally.





MIRSK is currently Denmark’s largest supplier of solutions for digital dictation. Headquartered in Copenhagen, they have a series of additional foreign subsidiaries to maintain sales as well as call and transcription centres.

For more information, visit www.mirsk.com.




Mokalmat is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software for creating inbound / outbound IVR applications and call center solutions. Mokalmat offers hosted IVR, call centers and voice services in Egypt.

For more information, visit www.mokalmat.com.




Multitone has a range of advanced, easy to use, communications systems for telephony, networking, data and DECT mobility that will meet the needs of any small to medium business.

For more information visit the company website at www.multitone.com.au




Necsy SRL

Founded in 1975, Necsy was one of the first Italian companies to design and produce a carrier grade all-in-one call centre based on the CT server concept. A leader in the Italian market, Necsy has provided sophisticated help desk and customer care solutions to important telecom operators and public utilities.

Necsy’ mission focuses on all activities required to transform a call centre into an opportunity for customer success, from the supply and design of hardware and software to all necessary and complementary services, including turnkey applications.





Since 2005, NetCloud has established a reputation within the UK as a leading provider of IP telephony solutions to the SME market. Through strategic partnerships with trusted vendors, NetCloud offers a range of systems and services that have enabled organizations to move away from traditional analog telephony systems and realise significant financial savings while leveraging the business benefits of an integrated IT and telephony system.

For more information, visit www.netcloudgroup.co.uk.

Nexsus Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nexsus Techno Solutions PVT. LTD. is a CTI and Software development company focused on the application development and …





Nexsus Techno Solutions PVT. LTD. is a CTI and Software development company focused on the application development and marketing of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) products using proprietary strengths in latest technologies. Each products addresses significant needs and offers compelling benefits to large and growing industrial markets.

For more information, please refer to their website at www.nexsussolutions.com


OpenTel is an Asterisk certified software vendor providing a user-friendly GUI dedicated to PBX resellers and VARs who want easy access to the Asterisk world and its innumerable features.

For more information, visit www.opentel.fr.


PKF provides computer telephony solutions in France and has strong partnerships with the major players in the telco industry. PKF is focused on providing market-leading companies with hosting solutions and IP gateways, working with carriers and software vendors.




Since 1997, POST CTI has been providing resellers and developers in EMEA with a single convenient source for converged communication technology building blocks. Our links with leading manufacturers ensure we are able to supply the essential component parts for all computer based voice and fax communication solutions.



ProVu Communications

ProVu Communications are specialists in VoIP hardware distribution. They are the principle distributors for many leading brands of IP phones and other products including snom, Cisco / Linksys, Siemens Gigaset and Yealink. ProVu are also the sole Distributor for the ProTalk range of IP telephone systems featuring the renowned SARK PBX software.




Founded in 1999, QuesCom designs enhanced telephony solutions focusing on the fixed mobile convergence for enterprises and service providers. Natively ready for Voice over IP, QuesCom solutions leverage the current telecommunication system. QuesCom Appliances allow companies to realize savings on their telephone bill and benefit from a range of value-added services like mobility and fax designed to increase efficiency in corporate communications (one number, mobile extension, e-fax, unified messaging system).





R.I.S.K. provides solutions in IT consultancy, System Integration, IT-Outsourcing, Application Development and Geographical Information Systems. Having more than 16 years of experience in the IT industry, R.I.S.K. became one of the most successful companies in the region offering a broad range of innovative solutions for Telecom, Oil & Gas, Government & Defense, Banking & Finance and Transport sectors. R.I.S.K. focuses on the implementation of large-scale projects of public importance that provide sustainable development and deployment of ICT Infrastructure, Information Security Systems and Application Platforms.




RealConnect is an innovative developer and supplier of call centre software, systems and recording solutions to the South African call centre market. The company, with its head-office located at Stellenbosch Technopark, also has offices in Gauteng and Durban . Most if its 30 + Customers are South African BPO Outsource Solution Providers for Insurance and Dept Recovery Campaigns.

For more information visit the company website at www.realconnect.co.za






RESI was established in 1987 as a software house for the development of telecommunication networks management systems.

Thanks to its know-how and high qualified hardware and software engineers RESI designs and manufactures products and solutions for the most diversified applications in Network & Security Management and VAS for both domestic and international markets. By integrating its capabilities in IT, Network, Security and Media and through a continuous tecnology innovation RESI can fulfill the market growing need of multimedia solutions.




retilocali offers a wide range of technology services focused on connectivity, data transport and telecommunications information with a focus on market trends in specific areas of IP networks: cabling, wireless, networking, telecommunications company (business telephone systems, VoIP, audio and video conferencing), computer security, video surveillance.





Robas is the system integrator for PIKA WARP appliance with Asterisk.  In the telephony market Robas is a system integrator for one of the largest cable carriers in Europe. Included in the services that Robas offers to its customers is field testing, network compatibility and future software modification. In that sense Robas’ customers are ensured that they are getting optimum value, also over time, because of Warp’s flexibility.

Please refer to the website for Robas for more information.





Siptel has two areas of expertise: system development and a network operator. They are an officially licensed VoIP carrier in Portugal with ambitious plans for the near future.

Siptel has in-depth knowledge on the development of IP-based telecommunication systems such as switches and telephone systems. The goal of the company is to offer competitive products and services to businesses and residential customers.



Skylinks Satellite Communications LTD provides an advanced satellite communication services to the African continent. Their technical capability combined with operating experience ensures top-notch service and wide range capabilities. They offer a variety of solutions which are adaptable to any need and budget. The flexible solutions can be tailored to your needs. More information on Skylinks can be found at their corporate websitewww.skylinksltd.com.  Also check out the Sklyinks advertisement of WARP




Slacht is an innovator and with its senior management telecommunication experience it provides leadership to the company and the IP community. VoIP, SIP and IP communication applications and services are delivered  through Asterisk based telecommunication systems. Slacht entered the telecommunications market in 2003.

For more information visit the company website at www.slacht.com





Smartvox Limited

Smartvox supplies packaged and bespoke voice over IP solutions for Internet Telephony Service Providers and businesses (SME’s) in the UK and beyond. We don’t just supply VoIP equipment, but can also provide your business with a complete range of services including:

  • Review and analysis of existing systems to identify cost saving opportunities
  • Complete solution design, product selection and integration planning
  • Deployment and installation project planning and management
  • System configuration, re-configuration and ongoing support including PIKA Appliance

For more information on Smartvox, please refer to the website at www.smartvox.co.uk




Suretec Systems

Suretec Systems was established in 2003 to allow businesses to enjoy enhanced operating efficiency and reduced risks using Open Source software. Asterisk and related open source telecom technologies have revolutionised the telecoms industry in recent years and provide highly cost-effective telephone systems around the world. Many include providing free calls through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Suretec Telecom was created in 2008 to give organisations control over their telecoms infrastructure using Asterisk and other open source telecom software.







Swyx develops and markets an intelligent IP-based telephony software solution. Swyx was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. The company’s stated goal is to complement or completely replace traditional PBXs with a software based IP telephony solution.

Swyx’s telephony solution SwyxWare consists of four components: SwyxServer, SwyxGate, SwyxIt! and SwyxPhone. SwyxWare offers all features – such as voicemail, Least Cost Routing and extensive journal functions – previously available only through large and expensive PBXs. Additional features such as Call Routing Manager, personalised user interface (skin) and CTI go far beyond the call handling capabilities of traditional PBXs.

“Our search for a reasonably priced voice card for a VoIP application lead us to PIKA Technologies,” said Uwe Sauerbrey, CTO, Swyx Solutions GmbH. “Designing the InLine MM into SwyxWare went smoothly. The knowledgeable technical support specialists were extremely responsive which helped to decrease our porting time.”

Swyx products are marketed solely through a network of authorised dealers. The Swyx partnership concept currently embraces more than 500 companies at home and abroad.  Click here for more information.





Based in Ireland, SyberNet specializes in the design, delivery and support of tailor-made automated telephone solutions.

They have over 10 years experience providing first class Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions to companies in a variety of sectors, including local authorities, credit unions, SMEs and universities.

For more information, visit www.sybernet.ie




Telecom Object

Located in France, Telecom Object develops and markets a range of innovative services in VoIP and traditional telephony: IP Centrex, SIP Trunk, Voice Services and Subscription iridium, xDSL, IP FAX, ClicAppel, Conference Call Reuneez, SMS and web interfaces for managing accounts.

For more information please visit www.telecom-object.fr





Telecomunicazioni Digitali s.r.l.

Telecomunicazioni Digitali is a system integrator and Internet Service Provider. The main business focus is reselling ADSL/HDSL Internet connectivity plus VoIP geographic Italian DID and resell VoIP traffic phone to residential and business customers. They have found PIKA WARP Appliance for SOHO and SMB market, fits perfectly to their customer’s needs. They have successfully integrated Asterisk and Hylafax, and have developed a Web Based GUI to host FreePBX (to configure Asterisk) and Hylafax Web frontend to manage fax server. More information can be found on the company website at www.air2connect.net and soon at the new website at www.telco-digit.com





TeleSpeak is a PIKA distribution partner in the UK specialising in Asterisk training and consultancy, in addition to Asterisk-based custom application development.

Delivering training and telephony solutions might seem a bit of a strange combination, but that is what TeleSpeak founder David Duffett likes doing best – delivering training or telephony solutions!  With a pedigree built over many years, David had always been involved in Training in the Telecoms sector – he was never sure whether he was more of a Telecoms Engineering guy (he is a Chartered Engineer) or a Trainer (he is a Qualified Trainer). In the end, he decided to build a business on the two things he enjoyed doing most.





Ticinocom SA is a leading provider of Internet services in Switzerland since 1996. The company offers services such as ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, Voice over IP (VoIP) and hosting.

Tricinocom uses PIKA’s WARP Appliance for Asterisk in a voice service solution.

For more information visit the company website at www.ticinocom.com





Founded in 2005, ViaDialog (formerly ViaTelecom) is a leading provider of hosted contact center applications. Covering all channels of communication (telephone, e-mail, web, video, instant messaging, fax and SMS), their solutions are dedicated to the establishment of international contact centers that are able to be rapidly deployed without long integration times or significant equipment investments by the customer.

For more information, visit www.viadialog.fr.




Voice Connect

Voice Connect designs, develops and delivers technology to resolve real life problems across the UK.

The company prides itself on its close consultation with clients and its ability to develop and deliver integrated communication technology to resolve problems. Whilst the company has expanded greatly over the years Voice Connect still has many of the original staff who have been with the company from its first few years, and still has the ethos of a small company – where the customer always has and always will come first.

For more information please visit www.voice-connect.co.uk 

VoIP Expert

VoIP Expert is a supplier of innovative voice over IP products.

For more information please visit www.voipexpert.eu





VOIP on is a trading division of Keison International Ltd. which has been successfully distributing industrial products around the world for over 20 years. VoIPon utilises this experience in the rapidly expanding area of voice over IP telecommunications technology.

Since 2005 we have gone from strength to strength, growing rapidly year on year by diversifying our product portfolio and building ongoing relationships with manufacturers and re-sellers, cementing our reputation as one of the most progressive companies in our field.

For more informaton, please take a look at the VOIPon website.






Established in 2000, Wavecom is an engineering company with a strong component of integration and development, which supports a portfolio of solutions in the fields of wireless networks and unified communications.

Wavecom is characterized by solid expertise, versatility and competence in the design and implementation of turnkey systems and applications, integrated and customized to the needs of each client.

The knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, due to the number and complexity of the implemented projects, strengthen the multidisciplinary experience of our technical staff, representing the value of Wavecom, differentiating it in the market.

Fore more information, visit www.wavecom.pt.




Your IT Support Ltd

Based in Hertfordshire, UK, Your IT Support Ltd. offers a variety of solutions for both home and business requirements. Their experienced staff will review your requests and assess your needs personally, providing you with a tailored solution to your IT needs.

For more information please visit www.your-it-support.co.uk

Partners – Latin America



IPcom Technologies

has been offering innovative value added service applications for the telecommunications market for more than 10 years. IPcom’s main focus is to create and implement advanced technological aids for existing and emerging telecom services. Ipcom’s product portfolio includes popular applications such as Real Time Billing for voice/data/messaging, SMS, MMS, VMS, messaging intelligence, and RingBackTones. IPcom’s growth and constant technological improvements has placed the company among the top prepaid providers the world over, with platforms installed in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Click here for more information.

OPS Ingeniería Ltda.

has been selected by PIKA Technologies to resell our innovative PIKA hardware and software in Chile. OPS Ingeniería specializes in consulting and systems integration of voice solutions.  Click here for more information.


Skylinks Satellite Communications LTD

provides an advanced satellite communication services to the African continent. Their technical capability combined with operating experience ensures top-notch service and wide range capabilities. They offer a variety of solutions which are adaptable to any need and budget. The flexible solutions can be tailored to your needs. More information on Skylinks can be found at their corporate websitewww.skylinksltd.com.  Also check out the Sklyinks advertisement of WARP




is a Brazilian company with 20 years of experience on the market of solutions and services in technology. It is the biggest service rent company in technology from The South of the Country.It works with several different portfolio of clients, among small, medium and large, companies, besides several Organs of the Government. It has got a large covering area, working all over Brazil, with a staff of 700 professionals with technical and college graduation.Teledata’s staff is specialized, and totally fit to offer a multidisciplinary service to the most different necessities of its clients. In its own building located in Curitiba, it has a complete structure, with complete laboratories, try out room, contact center, software factory, and other administrative environment.


is currently developing on the PIKA WARP Appliance.  They have offices located in Saltillo and Mexico City and distributors in Merida, Leon, Monterrey, Terreon and Zacatecas.Please check out the TXM website at http://www.txm.com.mx



is a value-added distributor of PIKA’s µFirewall and PIKA’s µiPBX in Central and South America.XmarteK was founded in 2005, bringing together a group of seasoned telecommunications experts. They partner with thousands of resellers throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the South East United States to bring leading technology solutions to the markets they serve.For more information, visit www.xmartek.com

Partners – Asia


Gallop Networks

Gallop Networks is a distributor of PIKA products in India.  Gallop Networks is a technology rich networking and consulting company with proven products and solutions with a sharp focus on the Indian market. They deliver a large spectrum of feature rich, efficient and reliable business-critical products and connectivity solutions in Telecom, Voice, Routing and Switching technology to help strengthen the country’s networking infrastructure and productivity.

For more information on Gallop Networks’ products and services, please visit www.gallopnetworks.in.


IP Com

IPcom Technologies has been offering innovative value added service applications for the telecommunications market for more than 10 years. IPcom’s main focus is to create and implement advanced technological aids for existing and emerging telecom services. Ipcom’s product portfolio includes popular applications such as Real Time Billing for voice/data/messaging, SMS, MMS, VMS, messaging intelligence, and RingBackTones. IPcom’s growth and constant technological improvements has placed the company among the top prepaid providers the world over, with platforms installed in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.  Click here for more information.

IT Apps

ITApps is a Pan-Asian, full-service consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing company, committed to delivering innovation. Founded in 1992, IT Apps provides IP communications, contact center solutions, performance optimization, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

For more information visit the company website at www.itapps.com



RodemTech is known in Korea as a player in the unified messaging market. Specifically, Rodemtech focuses on interactive voice response (IVR) and fax. Rodemtech has designed in PIKA Daytona analog voice cards and PIKA PrimeNet digital voice cards, to their flagship product, Symphony. Symphony is a Communication Server (UnPBX) based Call Center package. The system consists of whole call center function in one server such as IVR, ACD, FOD, audio logging, call-back, etc.  Click here for more information.


S.K Infotech. Pvt. Ltd

S.K. Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer provider of Software Solutions.  Specializing in IVR Voice and IT Solutions.  They provide innovative solutions in the field of Encryption Technologies, System Engineering and are a leading provider of Analysis and Surveillance solutions.

For more information please refer to the website at www.skinfotechindia.com



Xtend Technologies

Xtend Technologies specializes in the development and implementation of innovative products and toolkits targeting the growing telecommunication market in India. Voice logging solutions, outbound dialer and Xtend IVR – Interactive Voice Response Toolkit provided by Xtend have been used by prominent stock brokers, satellite channels, engineering colleges, banks, telecom, financial institutions and other private and public sector companies for logging and dissemination of information to their customers.   Xtend products support PIKA voice boards out of the box.  Click here for more information.