WARP Plus Local Music On Hold

WARP Plus with Music on Hold (MOH) provides a very convenient way for customers to connect their own music on hold source (iPod, radio, cd player etc.) through a 3.5mm connector on the WARP at the customer premise or via Internet streaming.  Customers can now easily play customized audio content when placing callers on hold. In comparison to an ATA, installation is simplified and reliability is greatly enhanced.

WARP MOH Advantages


Common Hosted

MOH Limitations

Warp Plus

MOH Advantages

Music Source
System defined or file upload

End Customer Defined

iPod, radio, legacy MOH Source, USB, URL, etc

Music Format and Quality

Limited to a .wav files only

8-bit, μlaw

Virtually any format Including .mp3 and streaming

Music Looping
Restarts from the beginning each time a caller is placed on-hold

Music is continuous*

MOH Source Modifications
Cumbersome (skilled) effort to create and upload new .wav file to host

Easily change content or streaming source at customer premise


NRE’s / Kludge / Cumbersome

ATA needed

Truck roll

Nat Issues are common

Reliability issues are common

BroadWorks Device Manager

ATA not required

Remote activation

3.5mm jack on WARP

Solid state

(* exception is a USB source which will start at the beginning of a randomized file for each caller)

WARP Plus Music On Hold Diagram

µWARP MOH (Music On Hold) 

PIKA Technologies is one of the few BroadSoft® partners to offer CPE hardware solutions to complement BroadWorks®. µWARP MOH provides customizable MOH function that come standard with most on-premise PBX systems and is compatible with the Device Manager from BroadWorks®. A web-based configuration GUI greatly simplifies installation and deployment. Learn more about our simple and effective music on hold solution.

In regular operation with Broadsoft, when a caller is placed on hold, the system starts playing the audio file(s) from the beginning. Because of this, the callers are hearing the same content every times they are placed on hold.

µWARP MOH provides a very convenient way for customers to easily play customized audio content when placing callers on hold. The callers are simply tuned-in to randomized Audio file(s) or an audio stream that is currently played by the device.  In comparison to an ATA or software running on a server, installation is simplified and reliability is greatly enhanced. You can manage your playlist from a variety of DRM-free internet radios or files located on a USB Flash drive.

µwarp music on hold pbx broadsoft diagram
Features & Benefits

µWARP MOH comes from PIKA’s 20+ years of developing telephony solutions. It’s built on the commercial grade µWARP Appliance and benefits from an attractive, brandable appearance in a small form factor. It is eco-friendly, consuming low power and the solid-state design insures reliable operation.


  • Simple solution, allowing service providers to solve their customer premise needs
  • BroadSoft® BroadWorks® compatible
  • Easily adaptable to other hosted PBX platforms
  • Easily brandable – promote your business or product brand
  • Isolated from hosted system: can be installed or removed without disruption to live system


  • 2 Full duplex Ethernet ports 10/100Mbps operating in bridge mode
  • Ethernet LEDs and status LEDs
  • Reset button
  • Hardware watchdog reset
  • Unit dimensions: 98mm x 38mm x 27mm (~ 3.8” x 1.5” x 1.1”)
  • Box dimensions: 250mm x 170mm x 60mm (~9.75” x 6.75” x 2.4”)
  • External power supply with USB type A plug (AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 4W
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Humidity, non-condensing: 5% – 95%


  • Simple and rapid configuration is accomplished thru a web based configuration GUI
  • Customer can install themselves when preconfigured by the service provider

These products include Asterisk, which is licensed by Digium under GPL2. BroadSoft® and BroadWorks® are registered trademarks of BroadSoft Inc.


Coming soon!

  • Virtual Music On Hold (VMOH) virtual appliance and/or software-based solutions

Main Features:

  • Software version of PIKA’s market proven “Warp Plus”
  • Perpetual license or (SaaS) models​
  • Highly scalable and capable of servicing multiple client sites


We will offering the opportunity to beta test our Virtual Music On Hold (VMOH) solution for a select group shortly.