Legacy Digital Board



PIKA PrimeNet Digital T1/E1 PCI (DSP) high performance boards feature market leading port densities. These digital boards combine up to four highly flexible T1/E1 digital network interfaces with integrated DSP resources. A wide-range of feature-rich services make these boards the reliable choice for the most demanding voice and fax applications.

Our PrimeNet digital T1/E1 series of boards enable voice and fax services by way of connectivity to TDM and IP networks. Digital board densities are available in single, dual and quad span versions. 4 ports fax included at no additional cost.

PIKA PrimeNet Digital Boards, DSP based media processing applications, and the MonteCarlo SDK represent a complete and scalable set of reliable building blocks for the development of feature-rich communications solutions.

Key Features 

  • Connects to TDM
  • Single, dual and quad span T1/E1 connectivity to deliver superior densities
  • Integrated support of PIKA Technologies’ DSP based architecture to dynamically access DSP resources
  • Integrated support of the low-level PIKA API delivers maximum design control and application performance
  • H.100 compatible – up to 512 simultaneous half duplex connections can be made between any of the 4096 CT bus timeslots and any of the local timeslots
  • CSU and DSU options are supported

Key Benefits

  • Windows or Linux development environments
  • Shared DSP host processing architecture enables you to benefit from market improvements in PCI and processor architectures
  • One board support for 120 channels (to a maximum of 720 per system) of voice processing or conferencing parties
  • Support for current and future applications such as speech/voice recognition, fax, audio logging, and more