InLine Analog Boards

InLine Low smaller analog board

PIKA’s InLine Low Density Analog Boards with DSPs  is a cost effective choice to support a wide range of capabilities from the needs of basic voice applications to enhanced speech applications. 4 ports of fax are included with every board at no extra cost!

This low-density board with DSP based media processing applications and API is ideally suited for basic voice processing applications to enhanced speech applications. Examples of applications include:

  • Small fax system
  • Predictive dialer
  • Operator console
  • IVR/voicemail system

Single slot PCI / PCI-X card

  • S/W configurable as 4 FXO interfaces or 3 FXO interfaces plus 1 headset port
  • DSP based echo cancellation and RTP packetization available (suitable for analog to IP gateway applications)
  • Advanced DSP based media processing capabilities include PIKA’s voice, tone, fax, conferencing
  • Windows and Linux development environments via PIKA’s low and high level APIs

Functional Chart

Functionality Specifications
Analog line circuits User configurable 4 loop start or 3 loop start +1 headset/handset
Host interface bus type PCI
On-board DSPs
Chip Type
Clock Speed
Instruction Speed
Motorola 56303 (see note)
128 K
100 MHz
100 MIPs
Supported OS Windows 2000/XP/2003
Red Hat 7.3/Enterprise 4 SuSE 9.3 distributions of Linux

Note: DSP applications are independent programs that perform operations such as fax, VAD, echo cancellation, dual tone multi frequency (DTMF) detection, speech compression, conferencing, and more. The number of supported applications is limited only by the amount of available memory and real time.

Daytona High Density Analog Boards

Daytona-DSP ANALOG boards


Highly scalable, PIKA Daytona MM  High Density Analog Boards with DSPs  are configurable from 4 to 24 analog line circuits depending on your unique needs. There is switching and DSP capacity for every channel. A full-length, standard sized PCI card, it will easily integrate into any PC chassis. It features H.100 compatibility.

PIKA Daytona MM Analog Boards give you the flexibility to mix and match any combination of trunk and station ports on a single PCI card.

These boards are ideal for traditional telephony applications as well as for logging, fax, and VoIP applications. They enable voice and fax services by way of connectivity to TDM and IP networks.  4 ports fax included at no additional cost