HMP+X2: All-software building blocks for creating leading-edge telephony applications

A new era has arrived. Finally, a product that meets our now lofty expectations in the rapidly changing technology age.

Let’s explore how PIKA’s HMP has evolved from a solid foundation to provide world-class network APIs that improve performance regardless of a telecom application’s current architecture and technology stack.

A Smarter Way to Build Any Telephony Applications:

  1. Choose your preferred programming language.
  2. Develop a scalable on-premise or cloud platform.
  3. Launch faster while reducing cost and time to market.

*We’re excited to offer 3 free unlimited VoIP channel licenses, which will allow telephony developers to build, integrate or enhance their telephony applications using PIKA’s field proven HMP+X2 SDK.


Innovative SDK for Building Intelligent Telephony Solutions




Innovative SDK for Intelligent IVR Solutions. Simplify the Integration of Communications using our gRPC and Restful APIs. Includes strong IVR features that supports Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Call Center Application

Build a call center application that’s easy to scale with PIKA’s SDK. Manage your system capacity based on demand using our network APIs, and enhance your services as required.


PIKA’s powerful HMP SDK enables customers to easily develop customizable and feature-rich PBX systems, whether it’s legacy or IP-PBX, on-premise or on cloud.

High performance communication applications with the PIKA X2 network API