Host Media Processing – Telecom Software Development Solution

The viability of host-based software in providing media processing capabilities continues to expand the possibilities for voice application development. Over time, we see the majority of modern applications deployed on host vs. traditional systems. This trend is driven primarily by the relentless increase in processor speed and capabilities. Host-based media processing is also a natural fit for VoIP and/or mobile based applications since these applications can now be delivered as software-only solutions.

HMP-X is a fourth generation Host Media Processing telecom software development solution from PIKA. It is an essential all-software building block for creating high performance and reliable telephony/mobile solutions. With tens of thousands of ports deployed worldwide, PIKA’s HMP offers an easy to use and economical licensing mechanism.

PIKA’s HMP software includes two levels of its API: a very granular and flexible low-level API in C and a quick to market, high-level API that allows you to quickly create your application on the platform of your choice. Because of PIKA’s long history in the telephony industry, our HMP is hardened and widely accepted across the globe in TDM and SIP-based networks. In addition, with HMP X and it’s high functionality and features PIKA provides a valuable option to developers seeking to build a solution capable of bridging mobile, VoIP and TDM networks together in both Narrow Band and Wide Band scenarios with virtually unlimited capacity due to virtualization and “cloud” support.

HMP-X users benefit from our extensive audio logging capabilities over TDM, VoIP and mobility networks, allowing them to easily create call capture and recording solutions.

PIKA’s HMP-X has all your development requirements covered:

  • Virtual machine support for both Linux and Windows adds unparalleled scalability and flexibility allowing for utilization of commercial cloud solutions such as Amazon
  • Support for both narrow and wideband audio, including EVS, AMR-WB and Opus codecs.
  • Flexible licensing model with node locking, floating and SaaS options to accommodate every business model including monthly and perpetual licenses
  • Windows and Linux versions that are based on the same code base


  • Low and High-Level APIs for Linux and Windows
  • RTP, sRTP
  • EVS, AMR-NB/WB, OPUS, G.729, G.711 (See Note)
  • Full 16kHz processing
  • Fixed node(s), floating and SaaS licensing
  • Virtualization support (Windows and Linux)
  • Cloud support (Windows and Linux)
  • Support for PIKA’s HMP PCIe boards
  • FAX
  • Tone detection and generation
  • Dynamic call progress analysis
  • Caller ID, Call Transfer
  • Custom applications for HDLC and TTY
  • FSK for TDM

Note: Using the AMR-NB (GSM-EFR), AMR-WB and/or EVS resources with any PIKA Technologies® product does not grant the right to practice these standards. To seek a patent license agreement to practice these standards, we recommend contacting VoiceAge

HMP-X Support for Opus

HMP-X now supports the Opus codec which provides narrowband (8 kHz) to fullband (48 kHz) audio over the Internet with royalty-free licensing. You can now create telephony applications with the HMP-X SDK that enables you to leverage the benefits of the adaptive bitrate feature of the Opus codec without having to incur any additional cost. What’s more, you are able to generate more than 200 channels of calls using the Opus codec on a quad-core server.

For more information, please contact us at sales@pikatech.com