HMP Digital Boards

HMP Digital Boards


PIKA HMP Digital Boards combine up to four T1/E1 digital network interfaces utilizing host-based media processing (HMP-X). Highly flexible, they are software-configurable for use in multiple countries.

This 6-inch board features the PCI Express format, and will easily integrate into a standard PC chassis. Media processing is performed using PIKA’s host-based (HMP-X) telecommunications software development resources.

These boards are ideal for traditional telephony applications as well as for FAX and VoIP applications. The boards enable voice and fax services by way of connectivity to TDM and IP networks (via HMP-X API).

Key Features

  • Connects to TDM and IP networks
  • 1 to 4 span T1/E1 connectivity to deliver superior densities
  • Integrated support of PIKA Technologies’ Host Media Processing (HMP-X) architecture
  • Integrated support of the low-level or high- level PIKA API delivers maximum design control and application performance
  • CSU and DSU options are supported
  • Windows or Linux development environments
  • One board support for 120 channels
  • Support for applications such as speech/voice recognition, fax, and more
  • Caller ID, Call Transfer
  • Environments via PIKA’s low and high-level APIs