Analog Logging Board

Pika Analog Logging Board with HMP


PIKA Analog Logging Boards with Host Based Media Processing (HMP) provide up to 16 analog, passive logging for FXO, FXS and 4-wire analog lines. Highly flexible, they are software- configurable for use in multiple countries.

This 9.5 inch board features the PCI Express format, and will easily integrate into a PC chassis. Media processing is performed using PIKA’s host-based (HMP-X) so ware resources.

These boards are ideal for high density logging applications. With up to 16 boards per chassis and up to 16 ports per board, high density solutions with up to 256 ports per chassis can be built.

PIKA Analog Passive Logging Boards, and
PIKA Host Based media processing (HMP-X) represent a complete and scalable solution for the development of modern on premise and/or inCloud recording solutions.


Key Features

  • Single slot PCIe card
  • Only 9.5 inches long
  • High impedance logging of analog line circuits
  • Available in densities ranging from 4 – 16 analog line circuits (software license enabled) in 4-port increments
  • Up to 16 boards per chassis.
  • Host or Cloud based recording via Pika’s HMP API.
  • C, C++ logging API with RESTful API for Cloud storage.
  • Windows and Linux development environments via PIKA’s low and high level APIs