Custom Development

Do you need a feature or application that is not available in PIKA MonteCarlo? Do you need design expertise to port-to-PIKA?

PIKA Custom Development is a team of highly skilled application design engineers. You can decrease the complexity of your development project by placing your custom engineering needs in their capable hands. Helping you get to market quicker is paramount in every development project the team undertakes.

Custom-designed features and applications

Over the years, we’ve helped many customers by designing unique features and applications that were not offered standard in PIKA MonteCarlo. Since our customers do not have the tools to design certain features, our Custom Development team is available to deliver custom design services on a project-by-project basis.

Custom-designed DSP applications

PIKA Technologies’ proprietary voice processing operating system (VPOS) enables the design of custom DSP applications. Although we offer OpenVPOS as part of PIKA MonteCarlo, you may prefer to contract the custom DSP application development project to our experienced Custom Development team.

Port-to-PIKA expertise

With almost two decades of design experience with PIKA MonteCarlo, our engineers are adept at porting-to-PIKA. Take advantage of our team’s proficiency with PIKA MonteCarlo and you will see your port-to-PIKA project become less complex and advance quickly.

Porting lab

Customers are invited to utilize our test facility’s capabilities. The lab is located at our headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our responsive engineers are in close proximity to the lab, which means you get the added benefit of their expertise when you need it.

A global network

We have partners around that world that are experts in specific areas of development and integration. If there is something specific you are looking for, it would be our pleasure to suggest an appropriate partner. Our ever-growing global network of partners is on our PIKA Partner Page.

Custom Development Brochure

View Development Services Brochure

This brochure presents the range of services offered through the PIKA Custom Development Services team.

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