Audio Logging APIAudio Logging API

The importance of Audio Logging API in many vertical markets is continuing to increase as a means of providing both security and quality. The HMP logging platform addresses this demand by providing a concise, customizable interface for the quick development of all types of call recording solutions.  Recording features include full Call Detail Record (CDR) information, half- and full-duplex recording, voice activity detection (VAD), time stamping and audio compression – in both Windows and Linux.  Including support for current and future applications such as speech/voice recognition, tone detection, live listen-in and more.


One of the strengths of the HMP logging platform is the fact that it abstracts underlying technology allowing for seamless transition between traditional TDM to VoIP transport and protocol.  It continues to evolve and progress with market trends in call recording – such as SIPREC.  The platform has an optional RestFUL connection which can be leveraged for cloud based architectures.